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Win a t-shirt from Rushlane

Posted on : 29-12-2010 | By : admin | In : Cars & Auto



Here’s a good one.

Please feel free to take a look and win a t-shirt.

You just have to suggest a name.

Automobile auctions

Posted on : 26-09-2009 | By : admin | In : Cars & Auto

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There are several automobile auctions that take place and such places can be really good for purchasing a car. You need to know what kind of vehicles are sold here at such auctions. You stand to buy off-lease vehicles, cars from car rental companies, repossessed cars and even traded and unsatisfactory cars.

Before buying any car from such auctions you need to properly check and test drive your favorite car. The standard rules of an auction are applicable here and the one with highest bid owns the car. Such auctions offer cars at much lowered prices while repossessed cars can be hazardous in case the car wasn’t properly taken care of.

Off-lease vehicles are usually sold right before the expiration of the warranty and in case you do buy it make sure the expiry period hasn’t become extinct. A car is a life time investment unless of course you are someone with millions to spare and thus must be carefully bought.