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Suraj aka Nagesh episode spoilers

Posted on : 18-02-2011 | By : admin | In : Entertainment

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Observation that led me to think Suraj aka Nagesh is faking it, and why a reality show is scripted.

  • The eyebrow piercing is visible in the interview.
  • The contestant doesn’t speak Hindi, the way a Maharashtran would speak, especially if you’re from a small village, where the local dialect is prevalent, and Hindi is almost an alien language.
  • The contestant is using a smart phone.
  • Contestant started going to a gym while being a street cleaner, and at a time he earned 80 rupees a day.
  • Contestant has a gelled hairstyle, and is particularly healthy for an impoverished lifestyle as stated by him.
  • Jack of all trades…farmer, rickshaw driver, sweeper, dishwasher…drunk father, sick mother, pregnant sister in law, brother being beaten by father, mother being beaten by father, ill health as a child….sleeping at the station…..sleeping at marine drive….etc etc. Have you ever met anyone who has been so unlucky?
  • Judges never once questioned anything, so the interview can span out in a manner wherein their audience sympathizes with the contestant, and obviously follows up on his progress in the show.
  • Check the expression of all 3 judges through the interview. They have that already stunned and shocked into silence look from the beginning.
  • Questions posed to him are all pointed towards making us learn more about his sad life.
  • Raghu, Rajiv, and Ranvijay are I’m sure well acquainted with Maharashtra, and as such would be aware of the fact that cycle rickshaws mostly operate in WB, Bihar and UP. Raghu saying cycle rickshaw is just a cue for the contestant, so his dialog delivery doesn’t suffer. The very next sentence has the contestant talk about his work at a cycle stand. It’s a technique used in interviews too. The reporter says something, and the person on the other side takes cue and continues.
  • Not a word is said when he’s about the reveal his mother’s death though he’s taking so much time because it makes way for buildup, and will have the audience wait, like I wonder what happened.
  • Considering that the selectors always boast about how they want real people and can see through the situation, they are uncannily relaxed here.
  • He says he never had friends and was just hanging around his mom all life, and the judges don’t think that’s not normal behavior.
  • He says his dad is responsible for his mother’s death, so why don’t they question him about taking his dad to prison.
  • His dad beats his brother in front of his pregnant sister in law, and this guy just abuses his father, and the judges are okay with it.
  • He then tries to commit suicide, and then too, the judges are okay with it. How come they never say to him, dude you’re such a loser, you just sat through, and then went to die.
  • He has a BSC degree and no job, and the judges say nothing? People who are undergraduates working in call centers are called losers by the judges. So, why the silence here?
  • If you had a BSC degree, why would you clean the pavement, wash dishes, and the floor? At the very least, you’d be a lab assistant, but the judges have no problem that he doesn’t work despite a degree.
  • Just before the 4th minute, Raghu abruptly talks about Hyderabad, and Mumbai, so that the contestant doesn’t falter, and forget what he’s to mention.
  • He’s asked for the phone code so that we become aware of his simplicity. They’re feeling so bad he broke his phone. We’re being made aware of how he has no one, so he doesn’t need a phone.
  • If another contestant said I’ll make lots of money one way or the other, the judges would invariably say you’re building air castles.
  • Not once do you find the contestant or judges talking at the same time. It’s more like I talk, you talk. No interruption, only cues.
  • The questions asked to him at the end result in answers that are an attempt to make him sound level headed, simple, honest, and inspired.
  • The judges obviously know why they want to select him. It appears he’s unique, and the simple village lad will be astounded by events during the show around him, and that will be interesting to watch. That’s the way they’re trying to project him but we already uncovered his truth with the MTV Roadies 8 fake truth of Suraj aka Nagesh blog.

MTV Roadies 8 fake truth of Suraj aka Nagesh

Posted on : 16-02-2011 | By : admin | In : Entertainment

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You’ve got to be blind to not want to look beyond what you see on Roadies 8, and if you’re not curious, then Nagesh P. Mithun aka Suraj will make you so senti awwwwww. Okay to start with. Snapshot of the real Suraj from MTV Roadies 8.
Suraj aka Nagesh of MTV Roadies 8 has been a student of the Indian Institute of Bartending. If this listing of Nagesh from MTV Roadies 8 in the students profile isn’t enough, then nothing will be. We’ve just resized the image but please feel free to check http://www.iibtindia.com/placement.html

Suraj from MTV Roadies 8 boasts of the 9th student profile that’s featured on the institute website. If you look closely, Nagesh from MTV Roadies 8 has his eyebrow pierced and is quite a happening dude from Jalna, and quite hep for being broke.

That’s not all. Appears Suraj of MTV Roadies 8 is successful at bartending. Suraj of MTV Roadies 8. successfully enthralled students at the Bartending Seminar & Workshop held on Tuesday 27th July, 2010 for students of Merit Swiss Asian School of Hotel Management.
Common sense in the Suraj aka Nagesh P. Mithun from MTV Roadies 8 scenario: In 2010, Suraj from MTV Roadies 8 should have been working in Mumbai as claimed by him. It was the time Suraj aka Nagesh  took a train from Jalna to Mumbai and worked as a sweeper. His student profile at http://www.iibtindia.com/placement.html clearly mentions Suraj was working at a call center in Mumbai.
The workshop details we have attained reveal the workshop was held in July 2010. As such, Nagesh obviously did the course before that or during that period, so, Suraj was in Mumbai working at some call center even before 2010. Here’s the actual pdf supporting workshop details.
The most elaborate IIBT course lasts a year and costs Rs. 55, 000 and the shortest one lasts 6 weeks and costs Rs. 9,000. Obviously he wouldn’t be heading a workshop after just 6 weeks, so, we assume Suraj aka Nagesh P. Mithun from MTV Roadies 8. was at IIBT for a year.
Roadies 8 is going to do brilliantly because this guy is so smart. What I would really like to know is whether the bald Raghu and Rajiv, and now seemingly silly Ranvijay, sit together and practice such a dumb script. MTV Roadies must do some homework because your show credibility suffers a blow if contestants are going t fool you so easily, or, I’m guessing all reality shows are scripted. This is your winning card this year but we have unearthed the truth about Suraj aka Nagesh P. Mithun from MTV Roadies 8. For everyone who was taken aback by Suraj’s heart wrenching truth, don’t always believe reality tv, it’s reality tv for a certain reason.
So much for a Hero Honda.
MTV Roadies 8 fake truth of Suraj aka Nagesh