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MTV Roadies 8 fake truth of Suraj aka Nagesh

Posted on : 16-02-2011 | By : admin | In : Entertainment

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You’ve got to be blind to not want to look beyond what you see on Roadies 8, and if you’re not curious, then Nagesh P. Mithun aka Suraj will make you so senti awwwwww. Okay to start with. Snapshot of the real Suraj from MTV Roadies 8.
Suraj aka Nagesh of MTV Roadies 8 has been a student of the Indian Institute of Bartending. If this listing of Nagesh from MTV Roadies 8 in the students profile isn’t enough, then nothing will be. We’ve just resized the image but please feel free to check http://www.iibtindia.com/placement.html

Suraj from MTV Roadies 8 boasts of the 9th student profile that’s featured on the institute website. If you look closely, Nagesh from MTV Roadies 8 has his eyebrow pierced and is quite a happening dude from Jalna, and quite hep for being broke.

That’s not all. Appears Suraj of MTV Roadies 8 is successful at bartending. Suraj of MTV Roadies 8. successfully enthralled students at the Bartending Seminar & Workshop held on Tuesday 27th July, 2010 for students of Merit Swiss Asian School of Hotel Management.
Common sense in the Suraj aka Nagesh P. Mithun from MTV Roadies 8 scenario: In 2010, Suraj from MTV Roadies 8 should have been working in Mumbai as claimed by him. It was the time Suraj aka Nagesh  took a train from Jalna to Mumbai and worked as a sweeper. His student profile at http://www.iibtindia.com/placement.html clearly mentions Suraj was working at a call center in Mumbai.
The workshop details we have attained reveal the workshop was held in July 2010. As such, Nagesh obviously did the course before that or during that period, so, Suraj was in Mumbai working at some call center even before 2010. Here’s the actual pdf supporting workshop details.
The most elaborate IIBT course lasts a year and costs Rs. 55, 000 and the shortest one lasts 6 weeks and costs Rs. 9,000. Obviously he wouldn’t be heading a workshop after just 6 weeks, so, we assume Suraj aka Nagesh P. Mithun from MTV Roadies 8. was at IIBT for a year.
Roadies 8 is going to do brilliantly because this guy is so smart. What I would really like to know is whether the bald Raghu and Rajiv, and now seemingly silly Ranvijay, sit together and practice such a dumb script. MTV Roadies must do some homework because your show credibility suffers a blow if contestants are going t fool you so easily, or, I’m guessing all reality shows are scripted. This is your winning card this year but we have unearthed the truth about Suraj aka Nagesh P. Mithun from MTV Roadies 8. For everyone who was taken aback by Suraj’s heart wrenching truth, don’t always believe reality tv, it’s reality tv for a certain reason.
So much for a Hero Honda.
MTV Roadies 8 fake truth of Suraj aka Nagesh

  • Rahultomar1392

    hi i m rahul all the pix are fake

  • Jhamit9

    hey raghu nd rajiv …………guys u were made such a big dumb nd fool…………hw u guys living with such a big foolishness

  • Manoj

    Hats off to Suraj, he should be getting some offers from bollywood. Whatever he did was fair or not this is really hard to judge, after seeing roadies i felt that the word “fair” doesn’t exist. He is definitely a smart guy and i think Raghu, Rajiv and Ranvijay should not feel bad about it….

  • Amir Pathan317

    so sadddddddddddddddddddd

  • S__t

    good research, nice work….. keep up d good work… we all should keep dis in mind dat we shouldn’t go blind & start believing in any of d stuff dat is being telecast on TV….well on Suraj I’d say he did it..he did it all d way 2 Brazil

  • Tnee8919

    u r ryte otherwise mohit wud hv gt out b4 goin there in brazil..bt it ws raghu who turned the game…

  • http://www.phototamasha.com/ Nabanita

    I’ve got way too much time, so I do as I please with my time. This has been my quarter year pastime this year. I have no choice but to monitor the comments, and yes, I like calling idiots, idiots.

    I don’t know any Renee. I don’t even think that’s a very Indian name but I could be wrong. No clue

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HWSJI7K4UHJVHLMAKOHMQIW2PE Peter Thom

    All I would say is definately he is talented and hardworking kid. He would have been more successful if he has used his work in nice and honest way rather doing crap things.

  • Anonymous

    ragu,rajiv,rannvijay ki baja di isse bada kya naam ho sakta hai suraj ka ,good work suraj i watched your performance well done

  • Mistireads

    wo bar tendr hei…..aise dus karizma wo chutki bajake le sakta hei..aur tamanna jo itni bhik mang rhe thi toh taras agay aur de diya usko…….raghu rajiv ranvijay chullu bhar pai mei doob maro…

  • Mistireads

    suraj plz i like 2 talk wt u…..hw u foold dem wt ws ur preparation..plz reply me..i m ur big fan

  • Mistireads

    hey r u sure? i mean i saw alot of tym ranvijay spokn 2 her..where he dsnt talk 2 othr

  • Mistireads

    yes realy no1 thnks of it…..haan sach hein

  • ASDF


  • sonu

    Alright suraj must be smart enough to get to roadies via emotional hathyajar lol but why r u guys telling that RRR were from slum or sold panipuri or anything? If they rose from slum to this then hats off to them because its easy for guys from rich families to reach here than someone from a poor family.

  • Rebelpunk_666

    He is the Man!!! no matter what i am sure every buddy has fallen for his trap….nice game play but could not execute it till the end

  • raja

    it was just to make rodies famous .raghu ram they knew about him .it is for just to make rodies more famous they made up the story everything was in “script”

  • http://www.waysformakingmoney.com/ usama – ways for Making money

     nice truth and astonishing to hes such a brave lier to hes such a brave lier

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Harsh-Sharma/509061530 Harsh Sharma

    i think suraj is a fuckin chut and a lame mother fucker to make such a story up….he is such a fag,n he knows that,thats y he lied to get on the show cuz he knew the judges wouldnt take him in if he said the truth because he is a lame cunt b they wouldnt be interested at all.According to me he is one of the biggest wanna bes i have seen.he cant do shit n still he tries to act soooo cool.i think every1 feel for his shitty story during the audition,n the judges arent gods,so even they fell for it. so quit posting crap. 

  • http://www.articlescolumn.com/ Free Articles

     he fooled 3 idiots !!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Akshat-Pawar/100000834951313 Akshat Pawar

     khatarnak ha yar ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,;;;;

  • http://www.facebook.com/WORLDCHAMPIONS Avroneel Biswas

    Quite Magnificent, he is the one who can compete with today’s Girls aka bitches (MOST) .

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Akhil-Kapoor/100002257204787 Akhil Kapoor

    roughu and rajiv think they are smart ………………but acctually they are the dumbst assholes on earth who survive on manpulating the other dumbs…..suraj na wat laga dhe………

  • mits mee

    i am confuse, confuse and confuse…..

  • mits mee

    i am cinfuse,confuse and confuse

  • Divyagulabani

    no  ……….they rnt dumb……actually they arent ther to luk at every ones background whoever cums n gives auditions

  • Divya gulabani

    ders no fault of d judjes ………….dey r nt der to luk at each n every persons background who cums der……………..now suraj is in big trouble;-(

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nishant-Mittal/100001429667778 Nishant Mittal

    its ok , suraj nai fake kiya but usne roadies 8 mai sabse best task performance de hai…and its a fact

  • http://www.facebook.com/pallavi.ashok Pallavi Ashok

    Ha ha good job suraj!! u fooled them!! Actually all 3 r in shock!! better luck R3 for next time!! i appreciate him for the best acting skils!!! 

  • Mastdaria

    good question…
    documents….??/  from where it came…If he had managed then by the name truth should come at that time only..

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tanish-Sharma/100000598666857 Tanish Sharma

    fool aaaa

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002398604389 Deepak Kumar

    suraj aka nagesh ki poll 11 june kokhul jayegi 11 june ko suraj ka surya is finally going on to rest remember 11 june

  • swayan

    I heard somewhere that roadies crew don’t bother with a person’s background.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000877189704 Sarthak Murarka

    suraj aka nagesh ki poll 11 june kokhul jayegi 11 june ko suraj ka surya is finally going on to rest remember 11 june::{!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

  • Sanjayitsme93

    suraj you done agreat job of making raghu and rajive fool because they think they are so over smart;but you rocked upon them

  • Rashisawlani

    You cant be successful by cheat who SURAJ is

  • Kapsnana05

    if it will proove that nagesh is liar…..then it will be shameless thing for this show @ this season

  • Dbisht644

    tum suraj roadies ke naam pe kalank ho……….

  • Topa

    suraj you done agreat job of making raghu and rajive fool because they think they are so over smart;but you rocked upon them

  • ishan dhingra

    suraj is very intelligent guy i like his attitude , he deserve roadies he should be win this roadies bull shut game , i m with you suraj 

  • Ishan_dhingra8848

    suraj is genious and roadies type show all  r fake 

  • Nilav

    I was right about this guy and his thoughts from the day i saw the audition.god I saw people going crazy about this guy in facebook and what not.gud to c he has been compared to a donkey but i want to say to raghu and rajiv u guys had been fooled so lets c what u do the next season.gud luck as for suraj I call u ass get a life.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rahul-Acharya/100000306049072 Rahul Acharya

    This Nagesh guy is real chutia this mother f****ker not only f….ed his own img in national tv but also broke many people heart who were touched by his way of dealing the  rough phase of life he is a real donkey

  • http://hardwarebbq.com/ The Sorcerer

    Is it just me or did the definition of national TV just degraded over the period of time?

    MTV/Channel V are primarily music channels. Then they had an inferiority complex after saas bahu aunties started making reality show and bindaas was doing their thing.

    If people are going to be pissed and use profanity for a lame show, pretty much shows how many people are wasting their precious existence.

  • Sarwar Jahan

    I’m very much shocked…
    Feeling pain also, how he played with our emotions to get sympathy…
    Shame on Suraj.
    But we still have to accept, Suraj performed well in all tasks.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Faizaan-Khan/100001674997966 Faizaan Khan

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii suraj sal ek no ka fake nikla
    select hone k lie apni ma ko maar dia 
    sala jhuta hai ek no ka

  • imy

    gr8 job suraj………u rocked………actually sum stuff lyk was needed dis tym as des bald brothers were gettin too too oversmart……………..well done……

  • Ati_9874110925

    many people fake in roadies,so why blame suraj only?? i think he is extremely smart to fool RRR. he also performed extremely well in the tasks,he performed better than mohit in all tasks where both of them performed. if he was in final then the final could have been close-contested.but raghu i think dont want to harm chances of suchit and mohit.so he made villain out of him..

  • Rajan

    oye babe kamaal kr diya…………u r the true gme planner…………..bt pooja ka dil dhukhya ye galt kia yaar…………baki sb theek hai………..