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MTV Roadies 8 fake truth of Suraj aka Nagesh

Posted on : 16-02-2011 | By : admin | In : Entertainment

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You’ve got to be blind to not want to look beyond what you see on Roadies 8, and if you’re not curious, then Nagesh P. Mithun aka Suraj will make you so senti awwwwww. Okay to start with. Snapshot of the real Suraj from MTV Roadies 8.
Suraj aka Nagesh of MTV Roadies 8 has been a student of the Indian Institute of Bartending. If this listing of Nagesh from MTV Roadies 8 in the students profile isn’t enough, then nothing will be. We’ve just resized the image but please feel free to check http://www.iibtindia.com/placement.html

Suraj from MTV Roadies 8 boasts of the 9th student profile that’s featured on the institute website. If you look closely, Nagesh from MTV Roadies 8 has his eyebrow pierced and is quite a happening dude from Jalna, and quite hep for being broke.

That’s not all. Appears Suraj of MTV Roadies 8 is successful at bartending. Suraj of MTV Roadies 8. successfully enthralled students at the Bartending Seminar & Workshop held on Tuesday 27th July, 2010 for students of Merit Swiss Asian School of Hotel Management.
Common sense in the Suraj aka Nagesh P. Mithun from MTV Roadies 8 scenario: In 2010, Suraj from MTV Roadies 8 should have been working in Mumbai as claimed by him. It was the time Suraj aka Nagesh  took a train from Jalna to Mumbai and worked as a sweeper. His student profile at http://www.iibtindia.com/placement.html clearly mentions Suraj was working at a call center in Mumbai.
The workshop details we have attained reveal the workshop was held in July 2010. As such, Nagesh obviously did the course before that or during that period, so, Suraj was in Mumbai working at some call center even before 2010. Here’s the actual pdf supporting workshop details.
The most elaborate IIBT course lasts a year and costs Rs. 55, 000 and the shortest one lasts 6 weeks and costs Rs. 9,000. Obviously he wouldn’t be heading a workshop after just 6 weeks, so, we assume Suraj aka Nagesh P. Mithun from MTV Roadies 8. was at IIBT for a year.
Roadies 8 is going to do brilliantly because this guy is so smart. What I would really like to know is whether the bald Raghu and Rajiv, and now seemingly silly Ranvijay, sit together and practice such a dumb script. MTV Roadies must do some homework because your show credibility suffers a blow if contestants are going t fool you so easily, or, I’m guessing all reality shows are scripted. This is your winning card this year but we have unearthed the truth about Suraj aka Nagesh P. Mithun from MTV Roadies 8. For everyone who was taken aback by Suraj’s heart wrenching truth, don’t always believe reality tv, it’s reality tv for a certain reason.
So much for a Hero Honda.
MTV Roadies 8 fake truth of Suraj aka Nagesh

  • http://www.phototamasha.com/ Nabanita

    Judge for yourself.

  • http://www.phototamasha.com/ Nabanita

    It’s all a big lie

  • http://www.phototamasha.com/ Nabanita

    That’s why it can’t be a blunder, can it?

  • http://www.phototamasha.com/ Nabanita

    Thank you.

  • http://www.phototamasha.com/ Nabanita

    You could believe us, we’re not lying you see

  • http://www.phototamasha.com/ Nabanita


    What saloon?

  • http://twitter.com/SubhashPavuskar subhash

    MTV Roadies 8 fake truth of Suraj aka Nagesh

  • Jino

    if the story is true, then suraj has proved himself to be the winner of roadies8 without going for any further tasks

  • Dinusonu

    what do u thing ???????… meanest guy always get fame and the format of show is such that they doesnot want simple guy they want they want cunning, abusive, short temper type of guy. in my opinion it is his quality in which he fool raghu n ram.

  • Rishu

    what than? at last he is in the place where he want to be. whether he faked he did good for himself. i’ll regard him as a good game planner

  • Meetdave33

    really sad , roadies dekhna aaj se bandh :( sala all scripted . hat , jabse roadies aaya tha tab se usme jaane ka sochta tha , lekin ab nai , :(

  • Ankitsaxena_cse

    raghu n rajeev bhe dono sale fake hai…
    they r playing wid us..

  • jasmine

    the iibt is fake. this article is fake.

  • http://www.phototamasha.com/ Nabanita

    If that makes you happy :-)

  • Siddhantk991

    roadies dekhne me itna andha ho gya ki aur kuch uske sambandh me galat dekh hi nhi sakta h..

  • Tanu Kutkut

    its not fake okay..if u dont bliv google it out

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SX3GZHX6KNFC4SDRVYZ5FJN3X4 bantu

    m with u karan……..

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SX3GZHX6KNFC4SDRVYZ5FJN3X4 bantu

    m with u karan……..

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DE257KPVCNWSWBR27W7O2OGUUM RAJ

    imp hai jeet ki

    usne kaha ” everything is fair in love and war”

    request un fattu logo se jo sapne sajo kar baithe the “roadies ” mei jane ka aur ja nahi paye
    yeah koi kaam nahi tho comment baazi kar rahe fake or unfake par

    jana b maat , fattu sale sab

    ek banda jaise b pahucha

    yeah uska dimmag tha, uski sadhi soch thi

    imp point uska ” lakshya ” tha roadies mei jana woh gaya
    suraj you rock yaar

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DE257KPVCNWSWBR27W7O2OGUUM RAJ

    imp hai jeet ki

    usne kaha ” everything is fair in love and war”

    request un fattu logo se jo sapne sajo kar baithe the “roadies ” mei jane ka aur ja nahi paye
    yeah koi kaam nahi tho comment baazi kar rahe fake or unfake par

    jana b maat , fattu sale sab

    ek banda jaise b pahucha

    yeah uska dimmag tha, uski sadhi soch thi

    imp point uska ” lakshya ” tha roadies mei jana woh gaya
    suraj you rock yaar

  • Suruchi Solanki11

    hiiiiiiiiiiii suraj aap bhut cute ho
    i like you so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    aapki bhasha or aapki saadgi hme bahut psnd hai

  • Vinayak

    This is all about for TRP…….
    it seems to b scripted…..

  • Pragati Umrao

    this is the game as effect what laga di ragu and rajiv ki

  • Rahuldesia

    ppl watch den only the show works dey dont watch the show is over… dey hav a rite 2 talk and like raghu says ” teri ko kya”

  • Subham Shaw

    it is a game where u can do whatever u want
    he’s fake but if he wanted 2 b in d roadies, he had 2 b fake bcoz he doesn’t suites roadies if he cam as nagesh bcoz raghu and ragiv would not left widout any violation.

  • tanujathapliyal

    right karan

  • David

    y are u sounding sad?? y wud u stop praying for him?? infact feel happy that he can bluff al ganjus ;)

  • Erana Siddiqa

    Oooooofs,R R and R what a silly mistake!

  • Rahul Khanna

    Raghu and Rajiv are also fake. Both were sweepers at New Delhi Railway Station.Now they boast of being great and imposing personalities . Ranvijay is not from a military family.His family lived in slum area of Mumbai and sold Panipuri.Its pathetic how much unreal a reality show can be… !!!!! You can google to verify these facts.

  • http://www.phototamasha.com/ Nabanita

    You’re obviously very angry with them :-)

    I have no clue about their lives, and I can’t be bothered researching about them.

    The unreal part certainly got to everyone.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Krishnakumar-Venkat/1523742649 Krishnakumar Venkat

    Tell me anything. I feel Roadies is entirely scripted from top to bottom. Roadies winning and loosing a task may or may not be scripted but vote-outs are entirely scripted. Regardless of whether a person performs or not, if Raghu decides he should leave in Episode 4, he will leave at Episode 4 regardless….

  • Pborkar30

    gimme link for their reallity plss i wanan watch

  • Indian dost

    Fake pics are completeley fake its visible

  • http://www.phototamasha.com/ Nabanita

    What link? we have no link apart from all info already published.

  • http://www.phototamasha.com/ Nabanita

    If that makes you happy?

  • Rizon

    Aree… eita suraj na…. onno keu… or motoi face……. akta manush er face arekjon er shathe miltei pare…..

  • Shv_prakash

    I guess you should learn Photoshop much better …. Next time don feed on an innocent guy’s life like this.. I don like roadies nor the stuffs shown in it.. But guess what, U have done something that is much more cheaper than what they have done.. :) All the best with your next rumour… Peace.. :)

  • Dreamgal18

    its all fake d pictures d website evrythn a person cnt lie so much…nd R3 cnt b so much dumb…d pictures nd evrythn is fake its visible…

  • http://www.phototamasha.com/ Nabanita

    Do you like being dumb or acting dumb. Can you not see that each of the pictures is copied from an education source???

    Or are you stupid, blind, and dumb. The need for Photshop may have risen had thsi pictures been attained from some dubious source. These pictures have been taken from listed education sources online.

    Why would you not check that from the listed sources rather than make an allegation. Just proves your level of dumbness, and you really need to peace out. Dumb fool.

  • http://www.phototamasha.com/ Nabanita

    No one here is really that interested in your levels of dumbness.

  • http://www.phototamasha.com/ Nabanita

    kaenoh, aamader kee matha kharaap, na ki eyee baador cheletah ta niyeh aamrah etoh mathah ghamaboh. Tumi show dekheh bokah bonoh

  • http://profiles.google.com/djtally dj tally

    the links seem genuine and the pictures are NOT Photoshopped…
    ok… assuming that he did lie to get into the show and the interview… well, atleast he made it by hook or by crook… it just shows how smart he is and may go on to win the show… but good info… obviously the person who put this up knows him or is an acquaintance, and is jealous of him. let him be man…

  • Raymon

    One simple question Nabanita … why you are so keen to prove that this guy is suraj? Who ever post against this post you write a reply there and try to prove who ever not believing are stupid, blind, and dumb. This guy is Suraj or Nagesh… but why you are so interested to prove him fake… Are you Renee? or Sister or cousin of Renee? :)

  • Dhmitesh

    if he has lied… then do u think he might have get visa of brazil in the name of suraj..

  • stranger

    come to reality miss..

  • Deephell

    true said

  • Kpaulsantosh

    oh shit…….!!!!!!! What a plan !

  • Asd

    One more case of Rene – Her original name is Renu… you can see audition how she or MTV changed her name in later episode. She was employee of InfoPro(Noida) and she openly admittted relationship with Ranvijay (One of the Host and Roadies winner 1). Three extra ordinary (Radhu, Rajeev and Ranvijay) punk have taken soft interview of her.



  • Vipinshiddhaganesh

    He is realy a Goood actor BUT
    The person who Fake he d’osent Make Anything in Life & In T V Show.